GISsurfer developer

My name is Joseph Elfelt and I am a software developer in the field of web maps living near Redmond, Washington, USA. My projects include both volunteer map-related work to help "pay it forward" and also a consulting service I offer producing property line maps for clients.

GISsurfer is one of my volunteer projects. This is a general purpose web map based on the free open-source Leaflet map API (Application Program Interface). In addition to the standard web map features such as search, geolocation and saving your own custom map links, GISsurfer has a big impact unique feature.

Government agencies at all levels are hosting vast amounts of data on GIS (Geographic Information System) servers. GISsurfer lets you view that data almost as easily as you surf the internet. No GIS savvy required! Whatever you are interesting in, if it is related to a location on the earth then there likely are data layers on a GIS server that you would enjoy seeing on a map.

Like to surf some GIS data? Start here:

New in 2022 - Georeferenced screenshots.
You can make a series of screenshots that are 100% map - no interface showing. Since a series of screenshots exactly adjoin they are easy to stitch together. You can make either a composite PNG file that has a transparent background or a composite JPG file that includes a basemap. These georeferenced images can be included in KMZ files and then used offline with the situtational awareness apps ATAK, iTAK and WinTAK. KMZ files can also be opened in Google Earth. Want to know more? See:

Are you curious about my other volunteer work or my property line map consulting service? For more information please visit my project page.

None of my projects pester you with ads, track you or share/sell your location data.

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