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My name is Joseph Elfelt and I live near Redmond, Washington, USA. I am the owner/developer of, GISsurfer (replacement for Gmap4) and FindMeSAR. In the past I have been a programmer for Boeing and then changed careers and worked in the real estate field. Since I enjoy hiking I developed Gmap4 so I could post online topographic maps showing the GPS track of where I hiked. In 2018 Google slashed the amount of free usage it allowed for the Google map API (Application Program Interface) As a result I started developing GISsurfer which is a web map that is based on the free open source Leaflet Map API.

During the years I worked with real estate I often wished there was an easy way to get approximate GPS coordinates for property corners. Since I could not find software to buy that met my needs, I decided to use my programming skills and develop my own software. And since other land owners also have various reasons for wanting approximate property corner coordinates, I launched which is the first service of its kind.

Cell phone users may have arrived here from web pages titled at the top "Find Property Lines". Those pages are designed to be easy to use and look good on cell phone screens.

I particularly enjoy hearing from clients that use the data I provide and are able to locate 'lost' survey stakes for their land.

Links to the above services are on the MappingSupport homepage.