USA National Forest Topographic Maps With Trail Mileages

Each online national forest map automatically displays the mileage on most trails. This trail data and the other feature data you see on the map is maintained by the U.S. Forest Service. If you click a trail or symbol then a popup will appear that often has a link to a page that was prepared by the Forest Service and provides detailed information about that feature. To display high resolution topographic maps first zoom in until the scale in the lower left says "1 mile" and then change the basemap to "t4 Topo High".

Please read the "Tips"! Each map as a "Tips" link in the upper left corner. The "Tips" page has the map key, a FAQ and will show you a few quick, easy and useful things you can do with the map. Also, information about updates and new features will be posted to the "Tips" page.

Note that the data for each national forest is likely incomplete. Some of it is also wrong. The Forest Service is always working to improve the quality and completeness of this data. See the "Tips" page for more information.

Features under development:
1. National forest trail maps for additional states will be posted over the next few weeks.
2. Code will be developed to automatically keep these maps up-to-date as the Forest Service modifies the source data.

Lake Tahoe Basin Management Area
Deschutes National Forest
Ochoco National Forest