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More features have been added since the older reviews were published.

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Could Google Purchase ESRI Straight Out?

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Viewing GIS Data on Google Maps

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Wilderness Navigation: Obtaining Free Topographic Maps

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Out of Date Maps in Digital Mapping Software

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Impressive examples of Gmap4 maps shared by users.

All kinds of different information can be shared by (1) building a data file, (2) placing that data file online and (3) making a URL to share your map with people around the world. Here are few examples of maps produced by Gmap4 users.

Trails in the Clackamas River Ranger District of the Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon
Click a symbol for more information.

Trail across the Kalmiopsis Wilderness of Oregon.
Produced by the Siskiyou Mountain Club:

10 day backpack in Torres del Paine in the Chilean Patagonia.
Author's blog: Footprints

Big Sur and Ventana/SilverPeak Wilderness Areas, California. Map shows accurate trail and camp locations based on local knowledge (often GPS'd) and also locally-known "use trails", water sources, waterfalls and other features.
Related website:

Gmap4 links by the Olympia chapter of Back Country Horsemen of Washington.
Beginning in the Pacific Northwest and rapidly growing outward, this collection of Gmap4 map links features trails for many national forests, camp locations, mountain airports and more.

iCE Peak - Gmap4 combined with an iPhone/iPad native app

In November 2012 Peakbagger ( released the free iCE Peak native app for iPhones and iPads. Each time the user asks to see a map, iCE Peak obtains some data from the Peakbagger database, builds a delimited text data file on-the-fly, temporarily hosts that file on Amazon's cloud, builds a map link to display that file and sends that map link to the browser embedded in iCE Peak where that file is displayed by Gmap4. This is truly a state-of-the-art app since it uses (1) embedded browser technology and (2) a data file that is dynamically generated from a database and then displayed on the map. Your browser does have to be online for the app to work.
iTunes download link


Gmap4 links appear in a number of forums dealing with hiking, hunting and other outdoor activities. Here are just a few examples.

NW Hikers
Oregon Hikers
High Sierra Topix">

Search and Rescue

This report by search and rescue expert George Durkee includes use of Gmap4 as part of the recommended workflow to obtain accurate coordinates for people that need to be rescued.
Obtaining Cell Phone Locations For Search and Rescue

FindMeSAR is a browser app for cell phones and tablets that displays the user's coordinates and accuracy. A button is included that will start Gmap4 and show a map centered at the user's location.