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Joseph Elfelt
20707 NE 120th St
Redmond, WA 98053
425-881-8017  West Coast time zone

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About Joseph

I live near Redmond, Washington, USA. In the past I have been a programmer for Boeing and also spent many years in the real estate field. A few years ago I was using off-the-shelf software to make jpg images that showed property boundaries on topographic maps. Then I realized I could write my own enhanced Google Map viewer and show property boundaries on detailed topographic maps. Then I modified a copy of my code so I could use it to share interactive maps in trip reports showing hikes/scrambles I did in the Washington State Cascades. That work has resulted in the Gmap4 you see today. Gmap4 uses the latest version 3 of the Google Maps API (Application Program Interface).

I am also the founder of That service provides an online map link showing the client's property lines and a GPX file with coordinates for each property corner. If you want to find 'lost' survey stakes, market your property, hunt on your side of the line or locate the approximate corners of unsurveyed land, take a look at the website and see how we can help you. The cost is amazingly reasonable since the heavy lifting is done by breakthrough software I developed.

Another project is FindMeSAR. This 'no cost' public service browser app uses the GPS chip in a smartphone to quickly display the user's coordinates and an accuracy value. Color coded screens are used to display the coordinates in four different formats. A 911 dispatcher can ask a cell phone caller to browse to, wait just a bit and then read off their coordinates usually to a 10 meter or better accuracy.