Beta version of Gmap4 with the latest updates for testing

You can always check if you are running the production code or a beta version by clicking Menu ==> About. If you are running a beta version of Gmap4 then the popup will say "beta".

If you see something that does not appear to be working correctly, please let me know about it. I cannot fix it if I do not know it is broken. To send me email please go to the Gmap4 contact page.

Note! While I hope you enjoy checking out these new features, you might not want to post links online that use this beta code. Why? After this beta version becomes the production code then at some point I will delete the beta file from my server. As soon as I do that then any links you posted online using this beta code will stop working. Anyone that clicks those links will see a message saying the file was not found.

Note! Use your browser's 'Back' button after viewing the following examples.

There is no beta version at this time. All of the features in prior betas are now in the production code.

Please see the What's new? page for a list of the most recently added features.