Anyone can use the following 'live' Google map to help learn about UTM coordinates. Zoom in far enough and a 50 meter grid appears. Use Menu ==> Search to find your local area. This map with a UTM grid will work in most browsers on most devices including cell phones.

Use the Menu button to toggle the UTM coordinates grid on/off. To see the best quality topographic maps, please change the base map to "t4 CalTopo Hi-res" for the USA, "t5 Canada" or "t8 Topo OSM Cycle" for everywhere else. You have to zoom in before the topo maps appear.

The map is displayed by the Gmap4 enhanced Google map viewer. For more information about Gmap4, please visit the Gmap4 homepage.

And if you would like a web app for your smartphone that will display your UTM coordinates and the equally important accuracy value, then take a look at FindMeSAR ( To see your UTM coordinates, open this web page then tap the "Next format" button until the green screen appears. The "Tips" button has more information about this web app.

Use this link to view the map full screen.